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What this really should mention to add to the bad-assitude is that “Garbo” never actually set foot in England during his early stint reporting to the Nazis.  He was ordered to move to England, but moved to Lisbon instead where he used tourist guides to England, magazines, and train schedules to manufacture intelligence reports on places he had never been or seen. 

And it also fails to mention his greatest role, which was helping in the success of Operation Mincemeat. Operation Mincemeat was a plan concocted by the anti-espionage branch of MI5 which packed a dead body into a submarine, sailed to the Spanish coast whereupon it floated the body to shore carrying disinformation plans to the shore whereupon it would be picked up by Spanish fascist-sympathizers, passed on to the German intelligence branch in Madrid and onto Berlin.  (Oh and it should be mentioned they created an entire identity and backstory for the body, including letters, theater tickets, laundry receipts, gave him a fake fiance, and made him Catholic to decrease the likelihood of the Spanish inspecting the body too carefully (instead burying it right away))  Garbo’s part in all this was convincing his German handlers that this information was indeed genuine and the British were worried it was lost and had fallen into the wrong hands when the body “accidentally” washed ashore in Spain.  The information made it’s way to Berlin and convinced among others, Hitler, that the Allied build up of troops in Tunisia was not aimed at Sicily (the most logical target), but Greece and Sardinia (the false targets identified in the false letters planted on the dead body which mentioned Sicily as the cover target for the invasions and not the main thrust).  Thus when Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily) commenced, casualties only rated in hundreds and thousands instead of the 10,000 that were expected.  Possibly the greatest intelligence coup in the course of the war.